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Before they were grandparents, they were… 

“Before They Were Grandparents” is an integrated initiative which celebrates the stories of our grandparents through social media. With help from social media agency Village&Co., we hosted a live, intergenerational storytelling event to launch our Tumblr. This event truly captured the spirit of this online project offline, breathing new life into these photos and stories we share with you.

Tumblr curators in the media


Thanks to a commenter, I now know that Evan and I were mentioned in Norway’s largest newspaper Aftenposten for some of our Occupy Wall Street coverage. Setting aside the fact that this definitely made my day, this is the prime reason why I love curating news on Tumblr (and wish I had more time for it): we have a great platform here to spread the news we find most important wide and far. If I can help educate just one reader on crucial current events, then I’ve had a damn good day.

Tumblr's "Zephoria" problem: What happens when a username gets ganked?


My guess is that they removed it because a company out there declared they had the right because of trademark. This kills me. I’ve been using the handle “zephoria” online since around 1998 when I started signing messages with that handle while still at Brown. [more]

This is worrying. She probably had as much claim to that account name as they did (they own the dot-com; she owns the dot-org). I’ve read her stuff before (she did a class-based comparison of Facebook and MySpace a while back that got a lot of play) and I’m more familiar with her than this random social media company. What the heck, Tumblr? (via azspot)

TumblrMSG - Tumblr messaging that tastes better.: Tumblr MSG will be closing down 11:59pm 31 Mar, AEDT


Unfortunately usage of TumblrMSG has decreased to the point that the cost of running it is no longer worth the value provided to the Tumblr community.

TumblrMSG will be closing its doors on 31 Mar 2012 at 11:59pm AEDT.

Please save all of your messages by that date, I’m afraid that anyone wishing…

Should Tumblr Be a Part of Your Social Media Strategy?


A friend of mine, Andrew, runs a highly successful site on Tumblr called Money Is Not Important. As soon as you visit the site, you’ll instantly recognize that it’s not your typical personal finance blog.  In addition to insightful articles that seek to change our mindsets on how we view money, Andrew posts great quotes from current and historical leaders, amazing works of art involving money, and inspirational images that beg to be reblogged.  All of this has led to thousands of people following the site daily.

I asked Andrew to share a few of the secrets to his success, and these were his suggestions:


A big thanks to the folks at Wild Hair Media for the shoutout!

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